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A Happy Reader

Ryan noticed a very nice review of Harnessing Hibernate on Amazon this Friday. I don’t think we could have hired someone to do as nice a job of reacting to the approach we took to the book—even the Stripes section which had made Ryan a little nervous during tech review, because it is a bit of a stretch beyond the core topics in the first half of the book. But we’re evidently not the only people who enjoy that lightweight web framework after even a brief exposure.

We Have Book

Woo hoo! When I heard that I had a FedEx package from O’Reilly today, I just knew it had to be my new book. Sure enough, I now have a real printed copy. Even though you’d think I’d know everything about it after the effort of getting it ready for publication, there’s still something magical about holding the physical object in my hands, to hold and flip through.

It looks great! My only disappointment was that I received just one copy. I know things have been scaling back since the Swing book (when all three revision authors got ten copies each). Upon finishing the Developer’s Notebook I got five. But one copy? I want one for reference, of course, and I’d always like to be able to send one to my parents. Well, maybe more are on the way later, or I’ll just have to buy a copy out of the vast royalty stream I can always dream of…

But really, I’m thrilled to have the book, and hope many people will find it interesting and useful. It was definitely fun working with Tim and Ryan to put it together.

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