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Echoes of Joe

Over this past week I finally “moved into” the new bookshelf I picked up this spring, which involved sorting all our books to get everything in order. Now there are finally no crazy book piles all over the house, nor books stacked two thick or on top of each other on the shelves. It’s great, I can find everything easily.

And I found a bunch of neat old Joe stuff, including essays of his, things he had published, and letters he saved. Going through that section took a long time, and was bittersweet, although these days I am successfully focusing more on the sweet side.

I’ll be posting some of the items that I think people will find interesting, and sharing some of the more private stuff over email.

Here’s a letter he had published in the newsletter of the American Diabetes Association shortly before I met him. Since it’s a scanned image of an 8½×11 magazine page, I’m just linking to it rather than trying to cram it into the blog posting. I will include the head shot that was on the page, though:

Joe in print in 1990

Joe in print in 1990

There will be more to come…

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