So I’m finally getting around to setting up my own blog. Yes, I have one at O’Reilly, but I never feel comfortable posting trivia there—it’s hard to seem worthy of that brand. So I end up discarding ideas that might have been interesting to people.

Enough of that! I created Arcadia as a place I can post random thoughts without hesitation. We’ll see if it ever amounts to anything, or if I was just making excuses for my lack of posting before. In which case Arcadia will be as stagnant as my home page

Why “Arcadia”? Thinking about potential names, I wanted to convey a pleasant place to linger and explore ideas, and that word fit. It also reminds me of one of my most profound experiences—watching the Milwaukee Repertory Theater’s brilliant production of Tom Stoppard’s amazing play in 1996. (If you haven’t been able to watch it, do at least read it, preferably out loud.)

I have no illusions that the discussions on this blog will rise anywhere near such a level, but it’s nice to have lofty goals. Thanks for visiting!

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