Let’s talk about music?

I really haven’t been thinking of things to share on a blog lately, as can be seen by the length of time from the last post. Most of my online interactions are happening other places, like Facebook. But recently I dove into a new hobby (or expanded a longstanding passion, depending on how you look at it). Rather than just listening to and collecting tons of music, I have finally realized that I can curate and mix it and share it with other people, both online, and live. I have been having a tremendous amount of fun gathering tools and building skills in that direction, and this blog seems like it might be a good outlet for some of the discoveries.

To start with, Traktor for mixing is fantastic! At first I was a bit put off by its interface, but the power in there is worth getting used to it, and the choices the designers made do work well once you understand them. And especially when you pair the software with their amazing hardware controllers.

The edge of the new kitchen will be a perfect place to mix during parties.

Last Monday I finally recorded a mix, while I was working off some stress, and I am really pleased with how it came out. And today I found what looks like an ideal way to share mixes with the world, ensuring the original artists of the underlying songs get their full credit and royalties. So you can now find A Concrete Abacus on Mixcloud.

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