A Neat Connection

I follow Ola Bini’s blog because he often has interesting things to say which appeal to my sensibilities as an incurable programming language geek, and I had fun hearing his ideas in person at Java One “Birds of a Feather” sessions on generics and compiler features while they were being hashed out a few years ago. So I was amused to note his recent invitation to a Thoughtworks seminar at Berns in Stockholm. That was the lovely hotel where Joe and I stayed at the end of our final cruise together, when my parents flew out to spend a few days with us enjoying Stockholm and the surrounding area, and visiting the houses where I used to live as a very young boy.

I won’t be able to make it there for these talks, but it would certainly be fun if I could.

Promise of Spring

A few weekends ago, back when spring seemed imminent and the ice on Lake Monona was breaking up, I walked around the bay and snapped a few photos. I finally got around to uploading them, and you can find them on my Mobile Me page. They’re nothing spectacular, I just had my point-and-shoot and an enthusiasm for spring. And I do hope it will return soon!

You Spin Me Off…

…Like a Record, Baby? (Apologies to Dead or Alive!)

Facebook has become so cluttered with the latest site redesign that it’s pretty much useless for expressing anything other than vapid, passing thoughts. So maybe the silver lining is that it will motivate me to post more on Arcadia. Like this week’s really big news:

My team, the creators of communication-related network software, formerly an odd part of Berbee Information Networks, and lately an even more poorly-understood part of CDW Corporation, has spun off to create our own company, Singlewire Software. (Yes, the press releases went out on April 1, but no, it’s not a joke.)

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