Understanding the AIG Scandal

Like most people, I’ve been trying to figure out what’s been going on with the US financial system, and where we are headed. Triangulating between The Economist and The Nation, I look for plausible truths. Last week I found a posting on fivethirgtyeight.com that filled in many important factual and analytical details for me. I got such good feedback from friends I shared it with that I decided to add a “Politics” category to Arcadia and share it more widely.

So take a look at Nate Silver’s excellent article. Some of the comments are quite interesting too.

And, of course, the raw facts of this case are not the only important thing. Glenn Greenwald is another blogger I find very insightful, especially when it comes to exactly what is wrong with our political establishment and the captive media that enables and abets it. He recently wrote about how appropriate—and in fact overdue—is the public rage over the “bonus payments.” Read it here.

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