A Poetry Post?

I thought this was a tech blog, and he’s writing about poetry?
What gives? 

No, Arcadia is where I muse about anything I think might be interesting. That happens to have mostly been about tech so far (and in all honestly, has been very little and sporadic—this is never going to be a high traffic site; the ads are basically irony).

But yes, poetry. I really don’t have time for it, even though my English V teacher (in my senior year at Reserve) seemed to think I had a real aptitude for analyzing and appreciating it. Nobody was more surprised than I. Still, I read a review in The Nation this morning of The Golden Age of Paraphernalia, a new book by Jordan Davis that I will have to make time for.

The whole review was intriguing, but I had to share one excerpt in particular. In order to get the formatting right, which is important, I put it on its own web page rather than typing it into this blog entry. You can find it here. Go read it, and see if it strikes the same kind of deep chord with you as it does with me, a profound and funny (yet worrisome) statement about the kind of world in which I increasingly find myself—and which I am indeed helping to create.

Ironically, I thought it might be a wonderful first book to buy on my second-generation Kindle, which should be arriving next week, but it is not currently available in that format.

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  • By Gordon, February 19, 2009 @ 6:00 pm

    Oh, wow…. yes!

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